Can I Do a Masters in Canada With 2.2 or 3rd Class Degree?

Do I have the ability to pursue a master’s degree in Canada with a second class lower or third class diploma? This is a common concern for international students seeking to pursue their studies. Some might believe that the lack of a degree prevents students from being accepted into colleges within Canada or studying abroad; however, this isn’t always the scenario.

This means that most institutions within Canada will require that you earn postgraduate studies (PGD) before completing your master’s program. In addition, your undergraduate degree isn’t the only thing to think about. It may seem like an obstacle in the way of your ideal career path, and however, there are methods to get around it.

If you consider how to complete your master’s degree in Canada, you must ensure that you’re qualified for admission. Courses and universities differ, and a few of the most prestigious institutions to complete your master’s here.

Why Do A Master’s Degree in Canada

Canada is the most prestigious academic atmosphere and is recognized internationally. Canada is a friendly country with excellent citizens, so settling in will not be an issue. In short, it’s possible to say that Canada is secure, safe and friendly. But the main question is whether you can go to school there using a 2.2 or 3rd-class.

Grading System

In the article you read at the top, it differs. But, this is the way it is graded in many schools.

  • In the beginning, it is necessary to be able to show a minimum score of 3.0/4.0 to earn your degree at the undergraduate level. The course you choose to take will determine whether you will need a GMAT score is expected.
  • Converting from to a scale that is 4.0 into 4.5, it is necessary to calculate the CGPA is required. 4.0 scale is required. You then convert it to the 4.5 scales, as is stated in the International Graduate Student Entrance Scholarship (IGSES) stipulates.
  • The calculated CGPA will multiply by 4.5 and then divide by 4.0. The result is your score.

Can I Do Masters With A 2.2 or 3rd Class Degree?


Getting the chance to attend a university degree in Canada isn’t easy, but I am here to inform you that it’s not. International students who want to pursue studies in Canada should be able to get at least a 2.1. But, with a 2.2, it’s possible. You’ll need a PGD. However, it is difficult to get admission with a score lower than 60 per cent.

Entry Requirements For Masters Degree

Language proficiency If English isn’t your primary language, a test of your languages like IELTS or TOEFL will be required. Similar to the French, they will need the same things.

Minimum degree As previously stated, an HTML0 score of 3.0 on the 4.0 scale indicates the lowest.


Examinations for Entrance Exams vary, and only certain subjects such as MBA require this.

Professional Experience Certain courses may require some kind of professional experience before applying. (Courses which have to do the field of social service).

How To Apply For Masters In Canada
  • A form for application( completed online)
  • Copy of the transcript you received
  • Evidence of proficiency in French or English
  • A curriculum vitae
  • Recommendation letters or references
  • Personal declaration

It is necessary to make payment for an international fee to evaluate credentials, and this is not required for a third-party Credential Evaluation Report. If you pass, you will be issued a letter of admission, and it is crucial to have an admission letter.

How can you increase your chances?

The majority of universities won’t be pleased with your degree. So, it would be best if you did more. If you’re sure that you’d like to improve your education and do so with the right motive, take these steps.

Take a look at different institutions. The more flexible and open your brain is, the more likely you will be admitted. Broaden your search. You can apply to all schools.

Explore Other Courses Instead of applying to a master’s degree program, think about using it for PGD. Admission tutors will evaluate candidates for PGD fast since they tend to be shorter. After completion, you can extend the course to an MA degree.

Working Experience If you’ve had the odd result, you must do your best to demonstrate the results and not mean you are unworthy. Show your worth by demonstrating an experience connected to the course you are studying. In the meantime, you can complete this during the summer. Have a year off from school and get yourself in shape.

Make Time In Your Application Time and effort in your application can’t be undervalued. You will be competing against other applicants to get a place. Students with first-class and second-class uppers also compete, making your chances low. Thus, you have to be more persuasive to convince instructors that you deserve the prize, and you must present yourself effectively.

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