Canada Family Sponsorship

Canada is always a proponent of family reunification. Bringing families and loved ones together is very important. Therefore, immigrants to Canada are frequently given a chance to support or sponsor their family and family members to Canada.

Canada introduced immigration programs and streams that help bring families together in Canada to ensure families are united. Candidates must meet the requirements and get an immigration status or permanent residence to be qualified to be sponsored.

The Canadian Family Class Sponsorship Program is only allowing certain family members and immediate relatives of the sponsor to participate, and these include:

  • Common-law partner.
  • Conjugal partner.
  • Dependent child.
  • Adopted children.
  • Parent.
  • Grandparent.
  • Sibling or nephew, niece or grandchild younger than 18 years old who is not married and whose parents have passed away.

These individuals can be sponsored as they must live outside of Canada or be in Canada as workers or students temporarily.

To become a sponsor, you must satisfy specific requirements, including permanent residence status, among others.

The steps to becoming a Sponsor include:

  • The applicant must be currently in Canada as a permanent resident before applying or planning to return to Canada when the person is sponsored.
  • The sponsor should not be a fugitive or be punished for serious offenses like sexual assault, theft, or any other type of abuse.
  • Not be listed removed by an order for removal.
  • The person who sponsors must remain financially secure and afford the care of the supported person.
  • If you have been sponsored by Canada and did not receive a Canadian sponsorship, you will not support a different.
  • If there is a spouse or partner you sponsored but is not yet a permanent resident or a permanent resident, you won’t be eligible to support them.
  • If you are in debt to any loans to the immigration system or fail to provide child support (for those who have children), you won’t be able to sponsor.
  • If you’ve been a sponsor in the past and did not satisfy the requirements, including sufficient funds, you won’t be qualified.

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