On Going US Embassy Scholarship for Developing Countries

U.S. Embassy Scholarship for students from developing countries: Getting a degree within the U.S. can be much more convenient if you are given the possibility to apply for Embassy sponsorship. In most cases, Embassy funding provides full expense coverage to study the program you want to study. This article will direct you to apply for … Read more

Finding International Student Loan in Canada

A student loan is an option to raise funds to fund your study abroad. For students from abroad, it may be challenging to get a loan in the absence of any credit history or cosigner. However, there are many ways to increase your credit score or locate an individual cosigner who can help. Learn more … Read more

Know More About Canadian Scholarship and How To Apply

It’s likely to be everyone’s desire to go to school in Canada and a place that offers the most excellent of everything. Studying in Canada provides the chance for you to obtain the top education and the most effective educational experience. But, most importantly, you will earn an official Canadian certification that is recognized and … Read more

Best Colleges/Universities to Study Nursing in Canada

Canada is an important location for students from abroad. It is not only an international student’s home but also gives you the chance of getting a job after completing your studies. Are you thinking about becoming a registered nurse? Nursing is possibly the noblest profession. Nursing job vacancies are at record highs due to Canada’s … Read more

Top 17 Yearly Scholarships in Canada for African and Internationals

The scholarships listed here are just one of the numerous scholarships offered for students in Africa and international students in Canada. For more information about the many available scholarship opportunities, check out the Scholarship Search. Top 17 Yearly Scholarships in Canada for African and Internationals 1. The CSL Arthur Ashe African Scholarships are presented each … Read more

Can I Do a Masters in Canada With 2.2 or 3rd Class Degree?

Do I have the ability to pursue a master’s degree in Canada with a second class lower or third class diploma? This is a common concern for international students seeking to pursue their studies. Some might believe that the lack of a degree prevents students from being accepted into colleges within Canada or studying abroad; however, … Read more


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