How To Apply For A Canadian Study Visa From Nigeria

The opportunity to study abroad is one of the greatest. It offers many possibilities for you, and if you choose to pursue your studies in Canada, this is not an exception. There are even programs for immigration for foreigners who have graduated from Canadian post-secondary schools to obtain permanent residence. If you finish your studies in Canada, it is not their intention for you to go away. On the contrary, they are keen to keep you to put the skills and knowledge you’ve gained in a positive way to improve their economy and make an enjoyable and comfortable life for you. Indeed, Canada is so enthusiastic about Nigerians pursuing studies in their wonderful nation that they just introduced their Nigerian Student Express pilot (NSE)!

In this pilot program, Nigerian applicants who are accepted into one of the institutions for the study will be given a rapid turnaround time for their applications. Application for study permits can be processed as fast as twenty days.

It is the first thing to do. First, get accepted as a student at a Canadian higher education institution. After that, you’ll need to apply for an academic permit. But, you have to meet various criteria to be eligible for access to the study. Therefore, this is the procedure to submit for the Canadian Study visa for Nigeria without further delay.

Get Accepted To A Canadian Institution

It is crucial to keep in mind it is the fact that school in Canada is from August until June, and this can affect the amount of time you need to submit your application. Therefore, it is crucial to submit your application at least one year ahead of time. This is because schools and universities have their process times before you are granted the appropriate processing time to obtain the study permits. In addition, schools generally have a list of academic requirements that potential international students must fulfil. Your school should give you an outline of the conditions that could contain the following.

  • Application costs as well as tuition and fees
  • Health insurance is available for all durations of the course. Since you’re not a permanent resident when you are studying, You will not have access to Canada’s public health system.
  • You have to prove that you can afford the expenses of living, such as rent and other costs; and
  • Language proficiency. You might be required to pass any Canadian Language Benchmark tests, depending on your field of study and study level.

Please fill out the application and send them to the schools of your preference. If you are accepted as a student, you’ll be issued the acceptance letters. This will be used to obtain the Study Permit.

Getting Your Canadian Study Permit

This Nigerian Student Express (NSE) pilot program is intended for students in the undergraduate or graduate programs at a specific institution. However, if you’re enrolled in a different course or degree program, you’re still eligible. However, you need to be patient and stick to the longer application time of around eight weeks.

NFB Eligibility Requirements

  • You must be a resident of Nigeria;
  • Have an acceptance letter from an institution that has been designated;
  • show proof that you’ve paid for your tuition in the first year of your study;
  • You must reside in a different part of Canada to be eligible;
  • You must purchase and show the evidence of a guarantee investment certificate that offers at least $10,000 from the Canadian bank that you are unable to get access to until you have reached Canada;
  • Get a medical check-up;
  • You can get a police clearance document;
  • Please provide the most current secondary or post-secondary transcripts and
  • Score a minimum of 6 Canadian Language Benchmark tests.

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