How to Apply for a Canadian Visa from Ghana

The Canadian Visa or permit permits the applicant to be admitted to Canada for study, work or visit, and to establish a business in Canada. Many hundreds, if not thousands, of Ghanaians apply for Canadian visas every year to improve their careers, education and living conditions in the northern part of the country. The positive aspect is that Canada is expected to welcome more than a million immigrants between 2022 and 2020 via various visa and immigration categories. If you are eligible for these visas or programs, Canada could be your new home.

Canada is home to one of the most efficient immigration systems for skilled workers around the globe. It’s known as Express Entry and processes applications within six months. This means you could get a permanent residence visa in less than one year. Additionally, there is a huge demand for employees in the construction, health care mining, hospitality and mining industries across Canada and a much more market because of the loss of jobs due to COVID-19.

We take a look at how you can apply for a Canadian visa based on Ghana and the most well-known visa and immigration programs.

Why you should apply for a Canadian Visa from Ghana

1. Job openings

Ghana’s economy cannot provide adequate jobs for the population, particularly the young. As a result, about 825,000 Ghanaians have been struggling to find employment since the beginning of 2019. Canada, however, on the contrary, faces the exact opposite problem. There are more than enough businesses and jobs; however, there aren’t many people who can fill vacant positions due to the nation’s retirement population and its underpopulated remote areas. In addition, there are currently hundreds of highly sought-after jobs in restaurants, retail hotels, construction, and manufacturing due to an epidemic of COVID-19. This means that, more than ever before, Canada will depend on labour and immigration from other countries to boost its economy.


2. Experience equality in a nation of multiculturalism

In Canada, you are granted the right to marry and date the partner or are in love with. LGBTQ+ rights are celebrated throughout the nation. There is no need to be concerned about homophobia or discrimination since you can be yourself in Canada. Canada hosts the largest Pride Festival every year in Toronto, seeing thousands of LGBTQ people from all walks of life take to the streets dressed in colourful outfits and with Prime Premier Justin Trudeau. Don’t be surprised to see traditional Ghanaian food items such as Waakye or Tuo Zaafi served in Canadian eateries. Canada is proud to be one of the largest diverse nations on earth and has an enormous and flourishing Ghanaian ex-pat.

3. Get excellent healthcare without cost


If you relocate to Canada from Ghana, You’ll receive the necessary healthcare you require without cost. This includes births, surgeries and doctor visits, plus more! Canada is home to one of the top health care systems for public use around the globe and has one of the most skilled medical professionals. The health of your family will always be a priority in Canada.

Three steps to applying for the Canadian Visa from Ghana

Step 1. Find out what Canadian Visa or Program you’re eligible for.

Before you apply for a Canadian visa from Ghana, First, you need to understand what kind of visa you’re eligible for. This is an essential step that forms the base of your journey to Canada. There are a few people who qualify for every visa type. Many times, applicants are turned down. There are more than 70 immigration and visa programs, each with specific eligibility requirements (age or working experience, language proficiency and education, etc.) and a unique application process.

This can make the first step extremely difficult if you aren’t aware of the various options. The most successful Ghanaian applicants utilize the professional assistance provided by Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs) to assist them in choosing the best visa option according to their requirements and desires.

Popular Canadian Visa Types

1. Express Entry

You can make an application for a permanent residency visa using Express Entry. Express Entry immigration system processes skilled worker requests within as little as six months. There is no requirement for Canadian working experience to qualify to apply for Express Entry immigration, and it is possible to submit your application directly to Ghana. You must, however, have good work experience from an executive, professional technical, commercial or another job in addition to other requirements.

2. Permit to study for students

Many thousands of students from all over the globe attend Canadian colleges and universities every year. They not only earn internationally renowned degrees, but when they’ve graduated, they’ll choose from a wide range of exciting career options to pick from. Graduates are also eligible to submit applications for post-graduate work permits and work wherever in Canada to start their careers. Sure, students with qualifying degrees like medical degrees are eligible to submit applications to Provincial Nomination Programs in the province where they studied to be permanent residents.

3. Work permit

If you plan to be employed in Canada, you will require authorization to work. The most well-known type of visa is because numerous Canadian visa categories demand you to be within Canada for a specified amount of time before applying for permanent residency. Let’s look at some of these top Immigration pilots in the following:

Immigration Pilots

4. Atlantic Immigration Pilot

Provinces like New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland and Labrador comprise Newfoundland and Labrador, an Atlantic region of Canada. So if you are looking to live near the ocean, This one is the right one for you! Atlantic Pilot has three immigration programs for foreigners applying for permanent residence visas to settle in these four beautiful provinces. The programs include the Atlantic High-Skilled & Intermediate Skilled Programs and the Atlantic International Graduate Program.

You must show an employment offer that is valid from a designated employer within at least one of the provinces that participate. The proposals must pertain to a permanent paid job and be for a minimum of one year of service.

5. Agri-Food Pilot

If you’re an agricultural professional or possess expertise in managing agriculture, You could be employed in Canada as part of the temporary or seasonal work program. This allows you to be considered permanent residency via an Agri-Food Pilot program.

6. Saskatchewan Truck Driver Pilot

Drivers of trucks are in high demand all over Canada. In particular, the Prairie Provinces of Saskatchewan is responsible for most of the country’s agricultural output and has a unique program for immigration, specifically for the driver of trucks from other countries such as Ghana. Ghanaians can apply for the right to immigrate by way of this pilot program after they have worked in Saskatchewan as truck drivers for six months and under other conditions.

7. Caregiver Pilot

Home care providers and home assistants like au-pairs, foster parents, personal assistants, housekeepers and family caregivers are eligible to move to Canada after working at one or more of the posts within Canada in full-time employment offers from their employers.

Step 2. Collect supporting documents

Which one speaks to you? Once you’ve decided on the Canadian visa for which you are eligible, you’ll have to gather the necessary documents for your application. Here’s a list of supporting documents you might require. It is important to note that specific documents might be needed based on the visa type you’re applying for.

  • IELTS/TEF Language Test Results
  • Education Credential Assessment (if applicable)
  • Evidence of a valid Job Offer (if relevant)
  • LMIA Document (if appropriate)
  • Valid Passport
  • Resume/CV
  • 2 Passport Size Photos
  • Proof of Funds (Bank Statements)
  • Letter of Acceptance (Student Visa)
  • Family/Dependants Information

Step 3. Make an application for a Canadian Visa from Ghana!

It’s time to take the second and most crucial step of your Canadian journey. In addition to selecting the correct visa, you’ll also need to submit your application to the correct department (provincial or federal) along with all supporting documents as well as a correctly filled out application. An error of a minute can mean that your application will be rejected. However, after you’ve submitted the visa or immigration program, you’ll receive a notification whether your application was accepted and if so, you’ll be able to move on to the new adventure of Canada!

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