Immigration Lawyer In Alberta, Canada

If you plan of immigrating to canada you also need to know the Immigration Lawyer In Alberta,Canada that can help when the need arises. Alberta is the sixth-largest province in Canada by land area and has many top cities, including Calgary, Edmonton, etc. Immigrating to Alberta or seeking a permanent residence permit and applying for citizenship will typically be challenging. However, Alberta has the best immigration lawyers who have had years of experience and training to make the process easier for you. so in this article you will get to know the best Immigration Lawyer In Alberta.

Suppose you’re planning to migrate to Canada, specifically Alberta, or apply to become a citizen. In that case, PNP makes sure you research Immigration lawyers and law firms listed in this article.

Employing an immigration attorney has proved beneficial for the immigrant’s PNP or citizenship applications. Immigration lawyers help you not make dangerous mistakes in your applications. With their many years of experience and education, they can offer you the helpful and correct advice and direction.

Best Immigration Lawyers in Alberta and Their Immigration Law Firms

We examine the immigration lawyers of Alberta who carry at their disposal decades of knowledge, training, and many successful cases in immigration issues.

Immigration Lawyer: Vance Langford

About Lawyer: An experienced Canadian and US immigration lawyer with many years of the vast knowledge of immigration law. He was admitted to the bar in 2000. He has since been awarded numerous awards for individual excellence.


contact and the primary address for Vance Langford: Suite 1120, Bankers Hall West, 888 – 3rd Street SW, Calgary, AB T2P 5C5

Company Information: Langford Law offers Professional services in the following areas. The following services are offered: Temporary Foreign Workers, Business immigration to Canada Permanent Residence, Canada Work Permits Citizenship appeal, Visa.

Immigration Lawyer: Raj Sharma

Legal Information: another Immigration lawyer with many years of expertise in immigration hearings and appeals, Permanent Visa, Citizenship, Temporary visas, and more. Canada and Sponsor your Family.


Address/contact: Ford Tower Building, 633-6th Avenue Southwest, #800, Calgary, AB T2P 2Y5

Firm Information: STEWART SHARMA HARSANYI IMMIGRATION Family, Criminal and Immigration Law, provides expert assistance in the areas of Appeal and Immigration Hearings Permanent Visa, Temporary Visa and Citizenship, as well as immigrate to Canada and sponsor your family

Immigration Lawyer: Kevin Zemp

Legal About: A lawyer and immigration lawyer with more than 28 years of experience is doing fantastic work.

Address/contact: 59 Berkeley Street, Toronto, ON M5A 2W5

Company Information: ZEMP LAW GROUP offers professional services in the areas of immigration Hearings and Appeals, Permanent Visa, temporary Visa, Citizenship, Work visas, Business Visa and Travel Visas Intra-Company transfer, Labour Market Opinion NAFTA, All Corporate Visas to the Canadian & United state Immigration Compliance and the United States.

Immigration Lawyer: EVELYN ACKAH

The Lawyer’s Background: Evelyn is an avid immigration attorney. She focuses her efforts on immigration law as it links the regulation of immigration and its relations. In addition, she can provide immigration assistance.

Address/contact: 1401-1 Street Southeast, Suite 101, Calgary, AB T2G 2J3

Company Information: ACKAH BUSINESS IMMIGRATION LAW provides solutions in these areas: Inadmissibility issues and Waivers, Temporary Foreign Workers, Business Immigration to Canada, Permanent Residence, Canada Working Permits, Cross-Border Business, HR Audits, and Compliance Family Class Spousal Sponsorship Cannabis Pardons and Tourist Visa Waivers Student Entry and Visitor Entry in Canada


About Lawyer: Top immigration lawyers with decades of experience dealing with immigration issues. Every one of these lawyers has one goal in mind, which is to provide professional assistance in immigration based on our experience as migrants ourselves as well as in addition, as naturalized Canadians.

Address/contact: Call Today: (403) 476-2011, 1100 8th Ave SW (Unit #201), Calgary, AB T2P 3T8; you can find out more on their official website

Information about the firm: SHIM LAW is a prominent law firm with many top-quality and experienced attorneys, particularly in immigration law. Concerning the regulation of immigration, they provide the following services as immigration hearings, appeals for Permanent Visa, Temporary Visa Citizenship, Immigrate to Canada, and Sponsor your Family Spousal sponsorship Cannabis Pardons and Waivers Tourist Visa and Visitor Entry. study in Canada

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