The Best Paying Jobs in Canada 2022

Before we get into the most lucrative jobs available in Canada, We must understand why immigrants are at ease in applying for jobs in Canada. The first reason is that Canada is the second-largest nation globally, yet it does not have sufficient skilled workers. But, programs for immigration like Express Entry and Provincial Nominee have allowed us to expedite the application process for immigrants.

Additionally, wages for minimums are appealing, and they can find many jobs. Foreigners prefer to get paid very well for their specific jobs in a warm country instead of what they earn in their country of origin.

Various factors influence the amount you earn, such as the kind or degree(s) you hold or have worked with within the industry, the list goes on. The average salary will give you an idea of what you can earn, but it is contingent on your experience, skills, and luck.

The Best-Paying Jobs in Canada

Nurse Practitioners

Nurse practitioners are health specialists who have been trained to analyze, diagnose, and treatment of humans. The job demands a highly-trained professional with extensive knowledge of medical treatment.

Nurses are among the most sought-after jobs available in Canada. To be a certified nurse, you must have a bachelor’s degree and registration to the state. The median salary for nurse practitioners is $104,000.

Construction Manager


Construction managers oversee teams of builders and ensure that the construction work is organized. They supervise the work schedule and ensure that the work follows the schedule. They also take care of budget estimates.

To become a construction supervisor, you must have a degree from a university with a major in civil engineering and related fields is necessary. But, you require expertise to become an executive. In the end, you’ll have work to get to the top. The salary is $83,000.


Dentists are professionals who maintain their mouths and teeth in good condition. They offer dental check-ups as well as dental surgeries and minor surgeries. The process of becoming a dentist is governed by rules and regulations also. In the same way, you must complete one year of pre-dentistry training at a university—a diploma from a recognized dental school and an appointment in the body that regulates within the province. The average salary is $93,600.

Mining Supervisor


Extracting natural resources is a highly lucrative industry in Canada. This is why this position is among the highest-paying jobs. Mining supervisors oversee the extraction of coal ore and other minerals. They use heavy equipment and ensure the safety of their employees. He is responsible for the safety of workers. The qualification for this job requires that you complete the secondary school level at least. For advanced positions, you must have an education in engineering or mining. Supervisory positions require some experience working in this field. The average salary is $83,200.

Statistician or Actuary

Sometimes, they are referred to as data scientists. They are those who collect and interpret the data of their clients. A statistician is an actuary employed by the insurance industry. They use statistical and mathematical models to determine the probabilities of future events. Earn a master’s degree in mathematics or statistics for the job. Certain companies are looking for applicants with a master’s degree. The median salary is around $87,000.


The job market is in constant massive demand for this particular area. The ability of engineers to utilize math, science, and technology makes it a highly sought-after job in Canada. Engineers are part of everything about an undertaking. Therefore, they develop and design all project phases, considering time. There are a variety of engineering fields that you can choose to specialize in. The path to becoming an engineer professionally is extended, and a master’s degree in engineering is necessary. The annual salary is $106,000.

There are also jobs in Canada that are most skilled trades which do not require an undergraduate degree. There are jobs in Canada without any college degrees and great pay.

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