Plasterer Needed At Bell Stucco Ltd in Edmonton, Canada

The most lucrative jobs available in Canada include highly skilled jobs in the trades. These are the most sought-after work opportunities across Canada, and even if they don’t have any degrees or certificates to get a job, they can pay massive amounts of money by working in skilled trade jobs. A prime example of highly skilled trade jobs that you can perform in Canada and yet earn a substantial amount of money is the job of plastering.

The quickest way to relocate to Canada and begin your life as an artisan in Canada and secure permanent residency is to use Canada’s Canadian federal Skilled Worker and Federal Skilled Trade Programs. These programs let you be employed in Canada without getting an offer from a company first. Learn more about this program here.

The first step to relocating to Canada and beginning working is selecting the province you want to work in. Once you’ve chosen the section you want to go to, the second step will be to submit an application for the position and receive a letter of appointment from your employer, after which you apply for a visa. There are many speed-track programs that you can pick from, including The Federal Skilled Worker Program, created specifically to assist in bringing qualified workers into Canada. In addition, it is the Canadian Express Entry Program, which employs the Comprehensive Ranking System to select skilled immigrants.

Job Description

Job specifications for job

Languages: English


Education Secondary (high) school certificate of graduation

Experience From Seven months to less than a year

Job Location address: 270 Jackson Rd NW, Edmonton, AB, T6L 6N6


Salary $30.00HOUR an hour, for 35 to 40 hours per week.

Employment terms Permanent employment Full-time (Day, Evening and Weekend Morning

Start date: Commences as early as is possible

Working Locations: Many locations

Plasterer Specific Skills

  • Mix the ingredients of the plaster until you have the desired consistency.
  • Make sure surfaces are clean and prepared
  • Apply, level then smooth the coats the plaster
  • Trowel or spray coats of stucco on the exteriors of buildings to create weatherproof covers.
  • Make sure corners are finished and angle edges, and design decorative designs using the finishing skins if needed;
  • Make and put in decorative plaster panels, cornices and trim. plastered surfaces
  • Lather Specific Skills
  • Create ceiling and wall layouts.

How to Apply For This Job

By email

Plasterers who want to relocate into Canada to work in the NOC category 7284 could be employed under a variety of work titles that include:

Different Plasterer Job In Canada

  • Acoustic tile and the drywall installer
  • Acoustic tile installer
  • Acoustic ceiling installer
  • apprentice drywall applicator
  • apprentice plasterer
  • ceiling installer
  • ceiling system installer
  • Acoustic mechanics and drywall
  • Ceiling and drywall system installer
  • Lather applicator and drywall
  • Applicator for drywall
  • Drywall finisher
  • Apprentice drywall finisher
  • Drywall hanger
  • The installer of drywall
  • Finisher and installer of drywall
  • Installer of drywall and finisher apprentice
  • Lead hand for the drywall installer
  • The team leader of the drywall installers
  • Interior systems for a drywall installer
  • Mechanical drywall
  • Nailer for drywall
  • Nailer of drywall
  • Tapering for drywall
  • exterior plasterer
  • finish plasterer
  • application of fireproofing
  • fireproofing plasterer
  • proc applicator
  • Gypsum lather
  • gypsum plasterboard applicator
  • Interior wall drywall installation
  • Interior systems installer, drywall
  • the journeyman/woman who installs drywall
  • Lathering for the journeyman and woman
  • the journeyman/woman who plasters
  • lather
  • Lather (interior lather (interior)
  • Lather applicator
  • Lather apprentice
  • Metal lather
  • molding plasterer
  • ornamental plasterer
  • plasterer
  • plasterer apprentice
  • plasterer-decorator
  • sheetrock applicator
  • stucco lather
  • stucco plasterer
  • Installer of ceilings and walls
  • wallboard Installer
  • Wallboard taper
  • Lathering with wire
  • Lather made of wood

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