USA Universities Offering 100% Scholarship To International Students

USA Universities Offering 100% Scholarship To International Students

If you thought that studying in the United States was costly, consider reconsidering because these colleges offer up to 100 per cent tuition-free so that you could go to school within the United States for free.

Let’s look at five leading universities that are expected to offer you up to 100% of the scholarship, and it’s not restricted to students with doctoral degrees.

It’s well-known that only a handful of universities cover all or a portion of your tuition and the cost of expenses for living a few times in exchange for graduate assistantship research or teaching assistantships. However, this isn’t the norm with master’s or undergraduate students, particularly when they begin; they must look for work on campus to support themselves.

Here’s a list of USA Universities Offering 100% Scholarship To International Students

USA Universities Offering 100% Scholarship To International Students


Texas has a plan that assists international students and students from outside the state. Many universities within Texas, including private ones, provide undergraduate students with scholarships for tuition at a minimum of $4000. If you’re an undergraduate and have attended college in Texas, you’re not eligible to be considered for this scholarship. It is only open to those who do not originate from Texas. Students who are already from Texas automatically get lower tuition. They are in-state students, but students from other parts of the country or non-American students usually pay higher tuition fees, so these out-state/international students can get those scholarships to help handle their payments.

New York Institute Of Technology

NY-Tech Provides Scholarships to students and graduates based on merit. Students can apply to receive the award, so there is no need to write an additional application. The scholarship will be awarded after you’ve been granted admission. If you’re an international student studying outside of the USA, you will be aware of the condition of your scholarship before arriving in the USA after admission has been granted.

University of Memphis


Graduates of Boots and Undergraduates can apply for these scholarships. However, there are some conditions to meet. It is the University of Memphis offers 50percent tuition reductions. This means you pay half of your tuition, and the University manages the other half. Students who continue to attain the minimum GPA of 3.0 throughout the subsequent semesters will receive an exemption of 50% of the tuition cost.

University of New Haven

The University has graduate and postgraduates scholarships. An applicant’s academic record determines the merit-based scholarship. Whatever your race, gender and nationality, you may apply for this award. Candidates are automatically eligible for this scholarship when they apply for admission to the University of New Haven. The school offers a range of mentions of various categories, and applicants should select the best award. It is the University of New Haven provides scholarships that could provide up to 75 per cent of your tuition, which leaves you to pay the remainder of 25 per cent. The applicants who receive the Provost scholarships will also receive per hour.

University of Michigan (Dearborn)

It is the University of Michigan at Dearborn (not to be confused with the one located in Ann Arbor) offers a fantastic scholarship program for students. The only disadvantage is that postgraduates can only submit applications for scholarships offered by the University of Michigan. The scholarship provided by the University has an individual waiver percentage, but it is dependent on the college that you’re looking to attend. The non-resident graduate scholarship at its computer science and engineering college demands that the candidate be an international scholar and be enrolled in 500+ classes. An 80% tuition waiver is offered for non-residential students, and residents are granted an exemption of 40% for tuition. All students are eligible. Automatically considered when the moment they apply for admission to University. School.


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